LOQBOX is a free tool that allows you to repair your credit history by saving a set amount each month via direct debit.

LOQBOX‘s scheme is free and doesn’t require you to undergo a credit check, unlike a credit-builder credit card.”


“As well as building your credit history, with LOQBOX Learn monthly emails you can improve your money management and access great credit and savings offers – if you want them.”

Build your credit history and grow your savings

LOQBOX – the smart, simple way to healthier finances

Choose what to save

Choose what to save

Put aside savings of £20 to
£200 a month.

Pay monthly for up to a year

Pay monthly for up to a year

Build your credit history with the credit reference agencies.

Get it all back

Get it all back

Leave with an improved credit history, plus all your savings.

If you’d like to improve your credit history,
but don’t have £20 a month to save, try
Credit Improver

Some of the banks we work with


Savings kept safe

We keep LOQBOX money in ring-fenced, independently verified accounts with major UK high street banks.

Bank-level security

We use 256-bit encryption – the same type the major banks use.

Get it all back

Into a shiny new account for free. Or go premium and use an existing account for £30.

How LOQBOX works

1. LOQBOX is a secure way to build your credit history


You choose to save between £20 and £200 each month, and buy a LOQBOX worth a year of those savings.


2. Your monthly savings become finance repayments


Instead of buying your LOQBOX up front, you use our interest-free finance to pay for it over 12 months. Each repayment (effectively, what you’re saving each month) gets added to your credit history, showing lenders you can responsibly manage finance and boosting your chances of getting better-priced credit.


3. Take control of your finances


While your savings build your credit history, our regular emails help you get to grips with all aspects of the financial system and improve your overall money management.


4. Don’t miss a payment


If you change your mind – or if you think you might struggle to make a payment – you can ‘unlock’ your LOQBOX any time and get back everything you paid so far. We’d rather you did that than miss a monthly payment, which would harm your credit history.


5. Getting your money


When you unlock your LOQBOX, we’ll help you keep saving. We can help you open a bank account or ISA for us to pay your money into. We get paid by our partners for this, which is how we can make LOQBOX completely free for you. Or you can go premium and pay your savings into an existing account for £30.


Get credit fit with our 5-point plan

Simple, expert tips to help build a stronger credit history

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Our story

Having founded Credit Improver in 2012, we know there are thousands of people with low credit scores – or a lack of credit history – who worry about saving and borrowing.

That’s why we created LOQBOX

Since then we’ve helped thousands improve their credit scores and are supported by Tech Nation and HM Treasury as a leading UK Fintech business.